These lovely garments were created for the Yes!poho website. They were made using Blender 3D taking accurate measurements into the 3D world and modeling a cloth the same size and length to a female model. We used shape keys and drivers to create an animation with each frame a different size to show different body types what the garment looks like when worn. We then came up with a system to change out the textures so that all their hundreds of Sarees could be displayed using the same models and could be rendered through render farms. We encountered several odd conundrums and created novel solutions to eventually arrive with a gorgeous array of sarees and display images that can be used to show each pattern. It was a great project and I’m honored to have gotten to be a part of it.

Polygons: 5,063
Verts: 5,288
Samples: 50
Resolution: 700x1303
Software: Blender 2.78 – Blender 2.79

Resources and References used
  • Yes!poho Sarees
  • References of women in sarees
  • Various pose references
  • Images of folded sarees for display image references
External Links
Blender Artist
Deviant Art