Mieren 'Tom' Taylor

I work with businesses to create visuals for products and promotional material. My clients are based all over the world as well as locally right here in the states. The type of products that I’ve been hired to create always vary from business to business and having worked on a variety of projects with roles such as asset creation for shorts and games, rigging for characters and vehicles, scene design for several productions, and other pipeline patching roles; my background as a 3D generalist allows for each client’s brand and every new product to be unique.
I have a passion for the construction of things and the incremental building of something that then culminates in the final product. When I’m working on how to do something complex and then an idea for how to make it work pays off, that is the best feeling in the world. To make something that functionally helps people share their ideas.; That has been the driving force behind taking up Animation. The ideas I’ve helped communicate have ranged from the Deviant Art banner for the Net Neutrality movement to the modeling of the Yes!Poho Saree garment and display images. Creating these visuals to share the ideas and aspects of their business is incredibly rewarding.
When I’m done working, I like to pursue studies into various scientific disciplines. It takes a vast array of knowledge to understand the properties you’re working with in 3D environments. Things like how light refracts through glass or how lens distortion impacts an image. To do the job right 3D artists must dip into many other fields like Physics, Photography, Anatomical studies, Architecture and Engineering, as well as many others depending on the project. I found after doing that for several projects I enjoy the research. So, in my spare time I delve into fields to understand how the world works in each discipline.

I’m always looking for new ideas to bring to life. Feel free to contact me with any projects or questions you’d like me to look at.
My Email is - Mierenttt@gmail.com

Over the years Tom has worked primarily with Blender, but has also done projects in Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity; most of these projects you can find here on our site. As described above their skill set covers a wide range in the animation genre and having spent 8+ years learning the disciplines and working both professionally as well as in the community Tomations has grown steadily. Educational experience aside, Tom has 5 years of industry experience working with organizations like Threedy.AI, Morrell International, Yes!Poho, Kairma, Tjoobloom, Real Illusions Gaming, and many others.

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